I’m a 3rd cat roadie, commuting cyclist and Chairman / Time Trial Secretary for St Neots CC. I’m a husband and father to two beautiful young daughters. And work is a means to an ends. So I’m trying to find the elusive balance between cycling, family, writing and work, but so far equilibrium has been elusive. Someday I expect I’m going to have to let one of these go. I’m hoping it will be work!

I enjoy the simple pleasure of riding and racing a bicycle and that is why I started writing this blog. However, looking back over old posts, I’ve come to realise it’s as good a place as any to catalog my memories, so as well as cycling stuff, expect posts on fatherhood and anything else I find of interest to creep in.

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  1. Sharon Herbert says:

    Richard, great blog – I happened across it by accident on my journey into work on the train.
    By absolute coincidence I left a message on St Neots cc website last night enquiring about this Sundays club ride to see if I and a friend could perhaps join the shorter route.
    I am a mum, commute into London, cycle to St Neots from Papworth and have cycled since – well forever.. Obviously kids, husbands and work have hindered me slightly.. I am Bikeability trained and am keen to join a club for the social aspects. I have a 10 year old daughter and 8 year old son – both ride and my daughter especially is keen to ride her new road bike with a group of like minded young people.

    Perhaps our paths may cross!

    Keep up the good work.


  2. That balance is hard! But I am glad to meet someone who understands I only work to be able to do the things I enjoy!


  3. Norman King says:

    Brilliant blog fell across it when I was going through twitter. See the St Neots CC out a lot when I’m doing my impression of a snail on my mountain bike. Used to cycle for 15 years and even did 2 triathalons in the 80s but sold my bike and concentrated on running and oreinteering. Fast forward 20 years, shin splints and issues with my knees so only jog a little but took up Mountain Biking in Jan 14 and love it, lost 12 lbs and going to buy a racing bike in the Spring.


  4. Duncan says:


    Have come across your blog and site in a desperate attempt to find some competitive racing here in Cambridge. I am based in Caldecote (near cambourne, Hardwick etc).

    Moved from South Africa 9 months ago and am finally over the emigration slump as I call it…

    I am looking to get back into road Racing as I was part of a sub vet (30 – 40 age group) semi sponsored team back in Cape Town.

    I am battling to find a regular racing league that is within arms reach!

    Can you help?



    • velorichard says:

      hi Duncan.

      Locally you’ve got closed road circuit racing at Rockingham (Corby) and Milton Keynes bowl – I would guess both are within an hour’s drive. These are mid-week races. There are also plans to run a couple of circuit races at Alconbury (near Huntingdon). Hopefully these will become a regular fixture.

      For weekend road racing, you really do need to be able to travel. The sport has become a lot more popular of the last few years. Entries are harder to get and tend to go to the strongest riders.

      If you want to do time trialling, then there is a fair bit going on – the local clubs (St Neots, Cambridge, St Ives) all have mid week events local to you. There are also a lot of weekend events too.

      Finally we don’t have a sub-vet category in the UK, only a Vets (40+). At the moment MK Bowl is, I think, the only places locally which offers Vets racing, otherwise you’re in with enthusiastic juniors and twentysomethings 😉

      If you want to know more send an email to me at the St Neots club account (contact @ stneotscyclingclub.info)


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