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The Short and Steep Cambridgeshire Climbs

These are Cambridgeshire’s short and steep climbs, guaranteed to your heart pumping. There really is only one way to tackle them and that’s with an out the saddle sprint. Keep it going until you either reach the top or your … Continue reading

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The Cambridgeshire Climbs

Last year I posted a top 10 of Cambridgeshire climbs (Ok one of them was just across the Bedfordshire border, but we are fairly limited for choice in this county). Since then it has become my most viewed post and … Continue reading

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The *ahem* Big Cambridgeshire Climbs

I’ve classified the Cambridgeshire climbs into two types, the short and steep ones (coming soon) and the longer big ones. These are the longer, bigger climbs and the entry criteria is quite simple; the finish point must be at least … Continue reading

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Wildlife encounters with headtorch Pt 1

Riding home along the back roads this evening I heard a rustling in the field off to my right. I looked across but couldn’t see anything in my head torch’s beam, although I could clearly hear something now running parallel … Continue reading

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Sexy Leg Warmers!

Following last weeks review post Leg Warmers – dhb vs Specialized, I was googling the Specialized warmers to see if I could find them any cheaper than the £35 Evans price. Among the first page results to come back was … Continue reading

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