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Commuting on the Sustrans National Cycle Network

I use the National Cycle Network (NCN) for commuting and I’ve been thinking of writing a post on my experiences and observations for a while. A report published by Sustrans titled The Real Cycling Revolution has finally prompted me to do … Continue reading

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Wind damage! Bent rear mech hanger

It is a sound to make any cyclist cringe. A bike crashing helplessly to the ground. Someone elses bike and you tut at their carelessness. When it’s your own pride and joy you hurry to the dreadful scene, shamed by … Continue reading

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A London commute in the sun (by Boris Bike)

Even in the rain riding on quiet country roads and muddy farm tracks is still a joy, but not so city streets. When the sky is dark and the rain streams over your jacket onto your commuter’s over trousers, the … Continue reading

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Wheelie bins and a Surfeit for Sparrows

This morning I stood at the kitchen sink rinsing out my water bottles, before heading out for the club run, when I noticed a couple of sparrows pecking around the lid of our green wheelie bin. Normally at this time … Continue reading

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Olympics Sponsorship Anxienty

I’m looking forward to the Olympics. Right now I’m more excited about the Tour de France, even more so given Bradley Wiggins’ current performance in the Dauphine. Still, as the remaining weeks go by my anticipation will build. I might … Continue reading

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