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NCRA Southwick Race: Season’s End

This was a bonus race, I shouldn’t have been able to ride it. The race was scheduled for March as part of the NCRA Spring Series, but snow had led to the event’s cancellation and subsequent postponement to, what proved … Continue reading

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Spirit Bikes 3/4 Road Race

The Cranfield circuit is a short – OK, at 3.4 km, a very short – course and shaped like a buckled triangle. Starting from a roundabout, the course drops down a steady 5% decline. It’s a good, wide road with … Continue reading

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Gathering Mists on a Morning Ride

Cycling to work has made me an avid follower of the late night news weather forecast. I had decided during the day to get up earlier the next morning to take a detour round Grafham on my commute. When the … Continue reading

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Spiders are Amazing

This morning, once my oldest daughter was dressed, she went into the back garden to look at the spider webs on the lawn. They were evenly spaced across the grass and wet with dew. She gave me her verdict that … Continue reading

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