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Welcome diversion to a new commuting climb

For a few weeks now there have been road works on Grey’s Inn Road, opposite the Condor bike shop, my LBS at work. Thanks to these works I have been exploring diversions along some of the back roads leading to Clerkenwell … Continue reading

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Club Hill Climb – Defeated!

Once again I was defending my title as St Neots Cycling Club Hill Climb Champion, and, if I had concerns last year about some of my club mates, this year I really did have something to worry about. With a … Continue reading

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Sneck Yate/Boltby Bank Race Recovery Ride

On Tuesday night I raced the 2/3/4 Dirtwheels circuit race at the recently opened York Sports Village. During the day I had been deliberating whether or not I should race; I knew too much beer and the wrong type of … Continue reading

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The Short and Steep Cambridgeshire Climbs

These are Cambridgeshire’s short and steep climbs, guaranteed to your heart pumping. There really is only one way to tackle them and that’s with an out the saddle sprint. Keep it going until you either reach the top or your … Continue reading

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The Cambridgeshire Climbs

Last year I posted a top 10 of Cambridgeshire climbs (Ok one of them was just across the Bedfordshire border, but we are fairly limited for choice in this county). Since then it has become my most viewed post and … Continue reading

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The *ahem* Big Cambridgeshire Climbs

I’ve classified the Cambridgeshire climbs into two types, the short and steep ones (coming soon) and the longer big ones. These are the longer, bigger climbs and the entry criteria is quite simple; the finish point must be at least … Continue reading

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Strava, KOM Rankings and Hard Truths

My first 3rd cat race came as a shock. I had won my second 4th Cat race and thought I was unstoppable, my legs were on fire! I soon learned differently, I was good, but not that good. Competing against … Continue reading

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