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The Benefits of Disorganisation 2: An Unexpected Strava KOM

After finishing Sunday with 78 miles in the legs, what I really needed for Monday morning was an easy recovery ride for the commute. Not this Monday. Somehow I again found I was running late. As the farm tracks are … Continue reading

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Priced off Boris Bikes?

I love Boris Bikes. Having suffered bike thefts and vandalism, nearly 18 months ago I decided to switch to Boris Bikes for the London end of my commute. I get into London early, so I don’t have a problem finding … Continue reading

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A tail wind across the farm tracks

To the north and to the south, the red lights of Morbonne and Sandy Heath transmitters twinkle against the pre-dawn sky. The stars are wrapped behind a blanket of cloud, shielded against the cold north wind. Blowing down from the … Continue reading

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An Autumn Evening Spin Around Grafham Water

Having spent the last part of my working day scoffing too many delicious macaroons, I managed to leave work a little earlier. Looking at my phone clock I reckoned I should just have a enough day light to fit in … Continue reading

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Pheasants, dumb birds

Pheasants, in the evolutionary pile of avian intelligence, surely they landed at the bottom of the heap, then dug a little deeper. Or, perhaps their gamekeepers have bred out every gram of common sense, after all, you don’t want to … Continue reading

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Oh No! Tall Grass

I have made six commute journeys on my bike this week. On five of them it rained, but on all of them my feet got soaked through. It is not the rain that wets them, neither is it the standing … Continue reading

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Commuting on the Sustrans National Cycle Network

I use the National Cycle Network (NCN) for commuting and I’ve been thinking of writing a post on my experiences and observations for a while. A report published by Sustrans titled The Real Cycling Revolution has finally prompted me to do … Continue reading

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