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The Benefits of Disorganisation 1: Fast solo training rides

I try, I really do try to be on time for the Sunday morning club run, yet I always seem to cut it fine. Last Sunday, however, will take some beating. I couldn’t find one thing, found it, couldn’t find … Continue reading

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Strava, KOM Rankings and Hard Truths

My first 3rd cat race came as a shock. I had won my second 4th Cat race and thought I was unstoppable, my legs were on fire! I soon learned differently, I was good, but not that good. Competing against … Continue reading

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Down in the Flood

Riding to the club run I was reminded of my Uncle Jim. He used to farm out in the Fens and often bemoaned the overgrown state of his neighbours ditches and the poor drainage that was the result. Judging from … Continue reading

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A Fly in the Ointment

By May I have usually developed a tan on my arms and legs. It is a warm Mediterranean one that my Greek brother-in-law approves of. I could almost pass muster as his compatriot, but, take off my t-shirt and the truth … Continue reading

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Wind damage! Bent rear mech hanger

It is a sound to make any cyclist cringe. A bike crashing helplessly to the ground. Someone elses bike and you tut at their carelessness. When it’s your own pride and joy you hurry to the dreadful scene, shamed by … Continue reading

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Wheelie bins and a Surfeit for Sparrows

This morning I stood at the kitchen sink rinsing out my water bottles, before heading out for the club run, when I noticed a couple of sparrows pecking around the lid of our green wheelie bin. Normally at this time … Continue reading

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Bananas and Bonking

There is a rule of thumb in my cycling club, you can gauge the distance and hardness of a ride from the number of bananas protruding from the jersey of certain members. On Sunday’s club run, if anyone looked at … Continue reading

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