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Yorkshire Dales – Day 2

3am and a constant beeping woke me up. I ignored it and fell back to sleep. 5.30am it woke me again. I ignored it, but didn’t fall back to sleep. I kept trying to ignore it but still I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Yorkshire Dales – Day 1

The Tour de France is coming and it’s coming to Yorkshire, and so one of my club mates had organised a trip up to the Dales to see what all the fuss was about. 14 of us went up, I … Continue reading

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Welcome diversion to a new commuting climb

For a few weeks now there have been road works on Grey’s Inn Road, opposite the Condor bike shop, my LBS at work. Thanks to these works I have been exploring diversions along some of the back roads leading to Clerkenwell … Continue reading

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Club Hill Climb – Defeated!

Once again I was defending my title as St Neots Cycling Club Hill Climb Champion, and, if I had concerns last year about some of my club mates, this year I really did have something to worry about. With a … Continue reading

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Sneck Yate/Boltby Bank Race Recovery Ride

On Tuesday night I raced the 2/3/4 Dirtwheels circuit race at the recently opened York Sports Village. During the day I had been deliberating whether or not I should race; I knew too much beer and the wrong type of … Continue reading

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Is a 2.4% gradient hard?

In my blog’s list of search terms, yesterday I had “Is a 2.4% gradient hard?”. Having spent the last few days riding around the edges of the North Yorkshire Moors, I can categorically answer, no, a 2.4% gradient is not … Continue reading

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3 Days of Bedford

The final leg of today’s club run took us from Kimbolton to Keysoe and Bolnhurst. Along the way I saw a few bike race signs and racked my brains trying to think what they might be for. Slogging into a … Continue reading

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