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Tour de Haystacks

Over the months the landscape of the rural end of my commute has gradually cycled through a rustic colour wheel, from brown to gold via shades of green. In August this slow paced transition flips into a couple of weeks … Continue reading

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NCRA Southwick, a walk in the country

The verges are speckled yellow with flowering celandine and blossoming blackthorn bushes shine a brilliant white in the greening hedgerows, alive with the sound of songbirds. Beneath the trees dog’s mercury plants form a verdant carpet before the bluebells burst open. … Continue reading

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Good Riddance to March with an Easter Sunday Ride

It feels like a while, truth be told it is a while, nearly a month since my road bike last left the garage. My hybrid at least has seen some off road tracks, but not often enough. Not nearly enough. … Continue reading

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#Festive500 Ride 8

Another bitterly cold and frosty morning for a ride and New Year’s Eve is looking only marginally warmer. Originally I had intended to set off before the dawn, but given the conditions of the roads I decided to wait until … Continue reading

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#Festive500 Ride 5

Yesterday was cold and today looked even colder. The countryside was pale green and faded while the road outside was white with frost. I decided to leave the road bike in the garage and take my crosstrail out for an … Continue reading

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It’s good to rise early for the Sunday Ride

My Club meets for its Sunday run at 8.30am, but my body clock is still running on weekday time, so I’m often awake by 6am or not long after and once I’m awake, I’m awake. In the past I’ve aimed to be out of … Continue reading

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Respite (from the Rain)

Heading out for this morning’s club run, there was something different about the sky. It was blue, there were no clouds and it was not raining. A little different to last week when the persistent, icy rain forced most of … Continue reading

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25mm, 60psi, 69.2 Inch Gear Plus Mud

Just because road bikes have the word “road” in their name, I don’t think it means you must only use them on the road. I certainly don’t. Taking my langster for a ride along the local byways and bridleways, is … Continue reading

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Energy Views

Riding into an unseasonally warm southerly headwind this morning, I felt a distinct lack of energy, although on the plus side, I neither fog nor rain to contend with, bucking the trend of recent commutes. I don’t have many mornings … Continue reading

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Riding and volunteering at the St Neots Sportive 2013

We had our second club sportive last Sunday and, like last year, my morning got off to a similar routine – strong black coffee, a large bowl of porridge and a sleepy grunt goodbye from my wife. At HQ the … Continue reading

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