Introducing…The Apparel Clinic #cycling

Introducing The Apparel Clinic. The concept. The passion. The brand. To you.

Who are we? We are you and because we are you we know who you are. We know you are a man, a cyclist, of impeccable taste. You are someone for whom style on the bike is important as style off the bike. You do not compromise, you know you deserve the best. That is why you buy only the most exclusively described Apparel from the brands that matter. We understand you don’t ride all four seasons. Rainy days, cold days these are man cave days and cafe days, but we understand the money you spend on all weather technical fabrics and tailored cuts is important to you. We know the toll sitting in a cafe, or perhaps even the virtualised environment of your turbo trainer, can take on your clothing; fabrics become distressed, stitching is made nervous and zippers turn prickly, then it’s straight to a laundry bin with your kids’ grubby school clothes.

Your cycling Apparel deserves better than this.

This is why we are setting up The Apparel Clinic. At The Apparel Clinic our mission is simple, to revive your beloved Apparel back to pristine condition, and all for a reassuringly exclusive price. But we aim to provide much more than that. We are not just a laundry service, but a lifestyle statement. If you are rushed we can always collect, but our advice is simple, bring your Apparel to us for the full Clinic experience and see how we roll.

Sit down in our cafe and relax with a premium artisan coffee, brewed with beans grown by native labourers on our own organically farmed plantations. Sample our collection of wheat, dairy, gluten and taste free cakes while you discuss the puny output from your powermeter. Alternatively watch our team of traditionally indentured washer women hand wash your garments on vintage wooden wash boards and using only pure mountain spring water imported directly from the crisp Alpine streams of Alpe D’Huez. In the evening, while your Apparel air drys using bespoke peg and line technology, kick back with a heritage craft beer and raw, sea salt crisps and listen to our genuine 1950s skiffle band playing on the washboards. Finally, why not treat yourself to one of our stylishly upcycled jute Apparel Bags to keep your garments pristine for the drive home.

This is our vision. This is us. This is you. This is The Apparel Clinic. Coming somewhere too hip for you.

About velorichard

Riding a bike around Cambridgeshire looking for some hills
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