Rocko catch-up

The last two races have gone unblogged, well the first one got “lost” by a WordPress app crash and I couldn’t be bothered to re-write it or start the next one. Now I’m catching up, so a quick summary. I felt good in both races, worked well pulling my share of turns, but the groups never got organised – there were too many passengers. Worse some of the passengers could have helped, but couldn’t be bothered; I had just pulled a turn at the front and was drifting back. I noticed a gap in the line moving forward, so I called to the lad causing the gap to move up and close it. He replied, and with no shame, that he didn’t need to work because he had mates in the group behind so he would wait for them thank you very much. Rhino Paul suggested he might like to get out the way and sit at the back. This week was much better.

St Neots were represented by me and Michael in the 3rds and Tom in the 4ths. Jake was along too, but sporting a brand new Team Spirit kit. At the start of the year I thought his ambition to go from 4th to 1st in a season was just a young lads boast. He’s not there yet but I doubt he’ll be racing the 2/3/4 Rockingham races for much longer. He’s the got the talent and the drive, so its excellent news he now has a team behind him who can really begin to push his potential.

With the race under way we tried to get things organised. It took a lap or two but we sort of did. We had the usual passengers, but those of us who were willing to work, and there were enough of us willing, kept the pace sufficiently high that we started gaining on the 4ths. A very different story to the previous weeks chaos when we started losing time against them. We caught them before the thirds with points caught us. I felt a small sense of achievement in that catch but we didn’t have many free laps before the remaining thirds and seconds caught us.

With all groups together the attacks started in earnest. Jake made a solo break and Michael sat at the front to trying to give him more time. I was sat in the bunch watching and thinking perhaps he meant to solo to the end and do his new Spirit jersey justice but he sat up after half a lap! The pace stayed relentlessly high and riders were being dropped, Tom included. I stayed with it but was too far back to bother contesting for the sprint – I had been blocked a lap earlier and slipped back in the bunch. With the pace so fast it was a struggle to move forward, so I finished just outside the top 20. Jake finished 2nd, behind Rory Havis of St Ives, and Michael was just ahead of me. It was a good race and this time I really enjoyed it.


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