NCRA Rockingham Speedway, Warming up

We were a dozen pointless 3rds group chasing a much larger 4th cat group. That group contained Adrian, David H and Tom – Michael and Kyle were chasing points over at the MK Bowl 4ths only race. Behind me, Jake was in the scratch group.

My group’s first twenty minutes were as close to perfection as you’re likely to get at Rocko. Our chain gang may not have been the most elegant, but we worked consistently from the start. Bit by bit we were closing down the 4ths. Five more minutes and we would have them. Except someone decided to demonstrate what big cojones they’ve got and attacked. A couple more chased him and within seconds he was back in and our group went dysfunctional. We lost our rhythm. Some of us tried to get the old mojo back, but it wasn’t happening. Instead a couple more decided to attack.

In the end a group of three split off. They made hard work of getting across – I should know because I was one of the few in our group still taking turns at the front. One lad – I thought he had been dropped because I hadn’t seen him for so long – found himself at the front and just sat up. Ian from Peterborough told him to do some work, or something to that effect (no swearing). He replied that one of his mates was in the group of three sitting between us and the 4ths. Seriously I thought, that’s your reason for not doing any work? You’ve got a bunch of stronger 3rds and 2nds bearing down on you, but you’re trying to protect your pal, whose trying to bridge to some 4ths and will get caught by the stronger 3rds and 2nds, by sitting in. Well, it is a tactic, I suppose.

The pointed thirds caught us and a couple of minutes later, at the head of my group I joined it to the 4th cats’. It was a relief; the last five minutes had been unnecessarily hard for most of us.

The next question was, could we stay away from the 2nds? The answer was three quarters of them. With 4 or 5 laps to go four of them caught us. Jake and bunch of the fast young lads were now in the main group.

On the last lap I kept towards the front. It was warm and I felt fitter than I had done all season. On the penultimate bend I was in the top 10, another rider separating me from Jake. A good position and, if I could hold it then points were on the cards. Approaching the last bend I was on the inside, but a stream of riders slipped by on my right. I got squeezed around the bend, but once round space opened up and I did the only thing I could. I sprinted and finished 14th, 12 places behind Jake and my best placing this year. The rest of the club riders finished safely in the bunch. Next week I’ll aim to get some points, although I might need to remind Jake he still owes me a lead out….

Over at the MK Bowl, Kyle and Michael took a St Neots one two. Overall a good evening’s circuit racing for the club.

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  1. geoff says:

    but can you get passed him ? ah ah G


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