NCRA Rockingham Speedway Scratch Race 2

There was a good turn out from the club for the second Rockingham scratch racing. In the 4th cat race we had Michael, Kyle (a rocko virgin), Adrian and David H. Jake and I were in the 2/3 race.

Our race started predictably fast and there were serveral attempts to force a break. A couple of riders did slip away but, I think they were eventually reeled back in. At 35 minutes the pace ratcheted up a notch. Repeated attacks were made and at one point it looked like a significant break might establish. This pattern repeated a couple more times but the big breakaway never quite made it, although it was hard work for us in the back half of the bunch, constantly chasing the pace setting lads punishing from the front.

Four laps to go and there were two riders ahead. An easing of pace, as we turned into wind, brought me to the front. Perhaps because of my rare appearance at the sharp end of the race and since no one else looked to be making a move, I decided to attack. I checked behind only to see no immediate reaction from the pack – obviously I’m not the same threat as my team mate Jake, so they gave me half a lap before a push from the bunch brought me back. I slipped in and fought to keep near the front.

But for the next two laps I paid for my attack and drifted back as other riders outpaced me out of the corners. Two riders were still away.  A St Ives rider tried to bridge and Jake followed. On the last lap Jake made contact with the two breakaway riders. I guess they both knew their fate was sealed; Jake won and I finished safely in the bunch.

From the 4th cat race, Michael and Kyle took 4th and 9th respectively while the old boys David and Adrian finished safely in the bunch. A good evening for the club and for Jake and I, a good warm up for this weekend’s NCRA 2 day…

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1 Response to NCRA Rockingham Speedway Scratch Race 2

  1. geoff says:

    you had a go, that’s good, just keep going and “race” yourself fit…keep entering events as many as possible,, good luck for the week end Geoff


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