NCRA Rockingham Speedway, race 1

There was a huge turn out for the first race at Rockingham Speedway; perhaps it was the discount for affiliated clubs that helped, it’ll certainly be welcome once the unchecked Tory screw starts turning on the least wealthy 95%. St Neots was represented by me (pointless 3rds), Jake (scratch of course), Tom (4ths) and David (3rds with points).

My evening didn’t get off to the best of starts; fixing in my rear wheel I noticed a rear brake pad was missing. I turned the car inside out trying to find it, but to no avail. I asked around for a spare and in the end Bourne Wheeler’s Mark pointed me in the direction of a man with spares, Adam I think. The pad was a tight fit, but it squeezed in leaving me with few minutes warm up time.

It took the whole of the first lap to get our group working and even then it didn’t last for long. Not everyone was willing to do their share and so it was left to around 8 of us to drag the group around in a very uncoordinated fashion. After a while, riders splintered off the front. Some of these were deliberate attempts to get rid of the passengers, others just natural gaps when a rider didn’t go through, either way our bunch always sprang back together. It started raining, we chipped away at the front groups lead but progress was slow.

With a third of the race to go the other groups caught us and shortly after we swept up the leading fourths to become a very large fast moving peloton. 

David made an attack and a small group formed around him. They dangled off the front, but were never able to making a convincing break. Jake bridged across and simply pushed on through, but even his youthful legs couldn’t keep away. 

One the final lap I was feeling remarkably fresh, but I held back. The earlier shower had greased the circuit and my last race here had ended my 2014 season. Overall the bunch was behaving well, but the earlier rain had greased the circuit. My last race here had not ended well and with bends still to come and so many riders jostling for position I was feeling nervous. I fell back from a reasonable position to the rear of the bunch. I guess I still have some demons to excise at Rockingham. Jake didn’t have my reservations and sprinted to 2nd place while Tom and David finished safely in the bunch.

Packing my bike away I noticed a small piece of black rubber on the floor – my missing brake pad.

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Riding a bike around Cambridgeshire looking for some hills
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