Rockingham Forest Wheelers 2-day: Stage 1

I woke up this morning with a sore throat – the 3rd morning in a row, though it wasn’t so bad as yesterday and at least I didn’t have my daughter’s chesty cough. Ok, so my excuses now in and expectations suitably lowered, let’s get on to the stage 1 race.

Stage 1 was a 3 mile time trial along a flattish stretch of road running along the Welland Valley. It started from Ashley in the west and finished at Middleton in the east. The east was also where the wind was coming from. I was 55th off, at 10.54am, between club mates Dan and David P.

It’s almost a year to the day since I last rode a time trial (the club 10) and I really do not enjoy them, still needs must and for the 2-day it had to be done.

Sprinting from the pusher offer my computer displayed an average of 41kmph, but it wasn’t long before it started slipping. At every long straight I could see Dan ahead and tried to narrow the gap, but I couldn’t tell if I was making any headway, it didn’t feel like. My lungs didn’t feel like trying to make headway either, and the exertion was aggravating my throat. I finished with a time of 7.25, nearly a minute down on the winner and well into the bottom half of placings; disappointing but not unexpected.

A mug of hot tea soothed my throat and I pondered my goal for the afternoon race – hope I make it up the Bringhurst climb 5 times, hang on and make it round…

David P finished on 7.02 and Dan on 7.28 (including a 15s time penalty).


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3 Responses to Rockingham Forest Wheelers 2-day: Stage 1

  1. geoff says:

    Dan on 7.28 (including a 15s time penalty).Hi R why ? G


    • velorichard says:

      Didn’t realise he should’ve checked in with the commissaire first – 15 riders got penalties from 70, strong field…


      • geoff says:

        I understand. signed on in a big race but never re-signed for the TT (different rules ).they told me off and let me start.ah ah easy done G


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