#Festive500 Ride 9

The last day and the last ride to complete Rapha’s Festive 500. The roads were quiet and free of ice; my legs felt good and I enjoyed the ride, uneventful as it was, through the gentle hills north of Bedford. 78km took my final tally to 502km. And after all that I’m half a kilo lighter than on Christmas Eve.

I’m glad to have done the Festive 500. My cycling targets for the year were ruined by my bust collarbone back in May, so it has been satisfying to end the year by setting a goal and actually achieving it, but will I do it again? I’ll never say never, but probably not. I’ve enjoyed riding the 500, but spread as it is between Christmas and the New Year, it brings home just how selfish a sport cycling can be, especially for those around us. I am very grateful for the forbearance of my wife and daughters. I owe them some time, so no bike for the next few days, well apart from giving it a well deserved clean!

Happy New Year

Cycling 500km and Christmas feels a bit like this

Cycling 500km and Christmas feels a bit like this

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Riding a bike around Cambridgeshire looking for some hills
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2 Responses to #Festive500 Ride 9

  1. Frank Burns says:

    Well done Richard! And have a great wheeling 2015……


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