#Festive500 Ride 2

Between peeling veg and building lego a Christmas Day ride was never very likely so I’ve had to wait until Boxing Day before continuing my Festive 500 campaign. I had a slow start, waking up late then fueling up on left overs. It was a bit of a meat feast really; a couple of ham rolls, a couple of sausage rolls and a couple of scotch egg quarters. The protein was sorted, but the carbs were a bit lacking, mind you I was still feeling stuffed from yesterday.

I left home just before 10am, aiming for a meandering, make-it-up-as-I-go 80km ride to the in-laws. It was a cold start, but with some new Gore gloves and a snug new base layer, I felt well prepared (I was very pleased with the gloves).

I headed to Bedford first and my legs felt sluggish the whole way. At Great Barford I caught up with a fun run and found myself filtering through minions of various sizes, plus a couple of spidermen, a superman, a batman and even a bananaman.

Barford inevitably led to Everton. My legs were feeling more alive now and I was happily turning over 32km/ph on the flat. But on the road to Everton, from the west the flat doesn’t last and the village is reached by it’s eponymously named hill. It is a savage little beast taking you out of Bedforshire and into Cambridgeshire with a signed fourteen percent gradient. Those who don’t know the climb rarely believe such a thing could exist in these parts, but my legs will testify that it does and today they felt every upward millimetre.

I plodded on and made it to the in-laws just in time for turkey number two.

Happy Boxing Day!

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Riding a bike around Cambridgeshire looking for some hills
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4 Responses to #Festive500 Ride 2

  1. Frank Burns says:

    Yep, I know Everton hill painfully well. Did it last Tuesday on a route to Waresley, and will do it tomorrow with the club. And curiously….it never seems to get any flatter…..!


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