Time with the kids

I wrote this post about a day of just me and my daughters over a year ago. For some reason I never got around to publishing it. It’s a bit a fragment –  I thought there was more to it. We’ve had more dad days since, especially over the summer holidays and today is another. School is closed for a training day, so it’s just me and them again…

When I woke up the skies were grey with rain, so I wasn’t too disappointed to be missing my Sunday morning ride. Over breakfast, while my wife prepared for a day out, leaving me at home with the girls, the clouds broke and the sun came out with the warmth of summer. Mid-September and autumn is waxing, most likely today will be one of the last, glorious days of the waning summer. Definitely a day to make the most of.

After breakfast we went out blackberrying, my eldest has been hankering to do this for a couple of weeks. We were out all morning and we collected a pound of fruit before stopping  of at the cafe for lunch. I’ll admit to being slightly envious of the Cambridge CC riders stopped there for a coffee, but only slightly. Aside from a few grumbles towards the end, the girls had enjoyed, what is for them, a long walk. And as they had enjoyed it I had too.

After lunch we went back home. Over the last couple of years I’ve come to enjoy Sunday afternoons spent in the kitchen. Listening to Huey Morgan, then Jarvis Cocker on BBC 6Music, the girls either play or do something messy/crafty while we prepare dinner and some food for the week ahead. Today they painted while I turned the blackberries into a crumble (not as good a topping as my wife’s). Once painting got boring they played in the garden. I went outside too, pottering ineffectually around the garden, more as an excuse to be in their company. At first it was a dolls tea party, but then it turned into being eaten by monsters, coming back to life, then catching, cooking and eating said monsters. A family of dinosaurs were involved too, but I’m not sure how.

It sounds idyllic and it was; a day to savour. Another time they might be bickering and I’ll wish I was on my bike, or at work, at the same time knowing that this time is precious and shouldn’t be wished away.

About velorichard

Riding a bike around Cambridgeshire looking for some hills
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