First meeting with a post referendum Scot

Sitting at the traffic lights on Farringdon road, a drunk Scot with a beaming smile, a can of lager in one hand and a plastic bag containing more in the other, walked over and complemented my Boris Bike (and it was in good condition). I don’t know if he was an accepting Yes or a celebrating No, although I was disappointed to see the lager was Stella not Tennents. Still, Salmond does claim the Scots are more pro-European than the rest of us.

I’m glad the Union has held, but I hope we’re now in line for root and branch political reform, not just for Scotland but every nation in the Union. I don’t know what is best, really I just hope the post referendum political fallout isn’t the status quo. A federal, decentralised state appeals. It seems like a good opportunity too to address the anachronisms in our political structure. Time for a written constitution and the unelected House of Lords must surely go. As for the Royals… If there was one time when they should have cast aside political impartiality this was it. But did they speak out to defend the political unity of their Kingdom? No, and for me that demonstrates their impotent irrelevance – tourism will survive without them. Time for a Republic; a head of state we can choose and remove.


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