Are Sustrans Masters of Irony?

The harvest is nearly in and my fears about how well the new gravel/hardcore surfaces, on NCN 12/51, would withstand the combined weight of harvesters and tractors have not come to pass. Perhaps just as well, Sustrans are planning a celebratory ride along this section on the 17th August.

This newly resurfaced section of the NCN 51/12 has even made it into one of the local papers. The article describes the new surface as high quality (yes really). It also makes reference to the section by Highfields farm, now with a Tarmac surface, as being previously almost impassable, especially in wet weather. This was definitely the case, but then it was just an unsurfaced and very muddy bridleway. The part of the path nearest the road was in the worst condition; having no where for water to drain away to, it was prone to flooding. However, with a new high quality surface you can imagine the flooding problem was simply addressed by building up this part of the path so that it sat slightly higher than the surrounding verges and field margins. You would think…

The following picture is of the new high quality path, taken on Monday 11th August, after rain the previous day. Let’s hope, for Sustrans sake, it stays dry for the weekend, or else this new high quality cycle path might be a bit of an embarrassment…

An all year surface? Sustrans think so.

An all year surface? Sustrans think so.

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