Fracture clinic 2: disappointment

So, four weeks to the day since I broke my collar bone and I was back at the fracture clinic to see how the pieces of me were knitting back together. I arrived early for an X-ray and, after a short wait behind some hobbling children suffering the consequences of overexuberant pre-lesson play, was sent through.

Under the tuition of an old hand a trainee radiographer lined up my shoulder against a plate then retreated into a glass screened room. The machine whirred and took its made spectral photo. The trainee came out of hiding to retrieve the plate. She loaded it onto a computer and bit by bit the ghostly impression of a part of my skeleton was drawn onto the screen.

I wandered over to look.


It was quite clear to me that my shoulder wasn’t healing as fast as I would like. A triangular gap shaped like an absent wedge still sat between the halves of my clavicle.

Back to the clinic and a nurse ushered me into a consultation room then left me. Alone. My X-Ray was on the screen. I wiped out my phone and in covert James Bond style, or my version of it, stole a shot of my X-ray.

A couple of minutes later and the consultant came in. He pulled up my X-ray from three weeks earlier and compared it with today’s. I could see a difference. Now there was more bone, but there was no getting away from the very obvious break. It hasn’t healed and I can still feel it hasn’t healed. I’m back in four weeks. If it hasn’t healed by then I’ll probably be looking at surgery. Great, more time off the bike.

I was disappointed. It doesn’t look like a I’ll be back on the bike in the immediate future. I’m still hoping I won’t have to write off the Circuit of the Fens, but after today it’s looking less likely – and I’m sick of the sight of my turbo. Perhaps I need to start looking at the cyclocross season instead…I might be fit by then.


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2 Responses to Fracture clinic 2: disappointment

  1. Benoît says:

    Hi Richard, breaking your collarbone at least once in cycling is expected… I’ve broken both… Keep up!


    • velorichard says:

      Hi Benoit, this is the second break or this shoulder – the one is still undamaged – so I sort of know what to expect and why I’m frustrated at the slow progress my body is making. Can’t wait to get back on the bike – at least its raining today!


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