Let it go, Let it go

Disney’s Frozen may be a few months old now, but it is still as fresh as a crisp spring morning in my household. My girls love and the eldest got the DVD and soundtrack for her birthday. Compared to most of the formulaic, slightly knowing kids films it is a good film, but the soundtrack is rarely off the stereo. Both of them know all the words, but my youngest is, I think, the bigger fan. She doesn’t just sing along, she reenacts the scenes with high fidelity. She’s even mastered an Annie style American singing voice, influenced by a Hard Knock Life from the Annie film – thanks to YouTube my eldest has progressed from the Horrible Histories Victorian Work House song to Annie via Oliver Twist. She seems to have a perverse fascination with children being made to do hard labour.

So, out riding this morning, perhaps you can imagine my dismay when, riding away from the Alconburys, I found “let it go, let it go, and here I’ll stand…” looping through my head. I had a new training ear worm all the way home.

Anyway, I need to turn up 6music again.

Update, 05/05/2014

Thanks to Nick (@corecyclinguk) for this:


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