Village idiot

There were six of us in our small group for Sunday’s club run. We rode out against a cool northeasterly wind for a detour into the Fens, still it was a pleasant morning. Riding through the Hemmingfords we exchanged Happy Easter greetings with an elderly couple on their way to church. The roads were wonderfully quiet.

We approached a staggered crossing and a car came up behind us. We signaled and turned left then, keeping a primary position, almost immediately signaled to turn right. The manoeuvre safely completed and the road ahead clear, we singled out to allow the car behind to pass. While we were moving into position, they tooted their horn, accelerated aggressively and swerved directly at our group. It wasn’t a close pass, it was millimetres from a physical brush pass.

Out on my bike I’ve had my share of close passes and, I think, these are born mostly from ignorance. Not so in this case. This was a deliberate, malicious act by someone using their car as a weapon to intimidate and frighten other road users. It was reckless and idiotic and, for us, carried the very real risk of injury or worse, but we were all lucky. We were lucky to escape unharmed while the driver of the car, a black Vauxhall Astra, reg AF12 HHZ, is lucky not to be facing a criminal prosecution. Nevertheless, the incident has been reported to the police, so our complaint against AF12 HHZ is at least logged on some traffic cop’s intelligence database.

I don’t know why this person chose to do this, perhaps they are just simple, or retarded in their ability to think through the consequence of their actions. Maybe it was all just a big laugh, still a bit pissed from Saturday night perhaps, it seemed like a good idea. One of our group gave chase hoping to remonstrate, but no surprises to see the driver of this car was no respecter of speed limits either, so off they went. Still I hope that at a calmer moment on a sunny Sunday afternoon they reflect on their earlier stupidity, on what so nearly could have happened. How many people’s day, or even lives wrecked. And not just ours, but our families and friends, as well as their family and friends. I hope also that they come to learn that we all have equal rights to use the road. If I’m on my bike or in my car, I’m the same person, one mode of transport does not make me or anyone else more or less privileged than the other. But if it takes a call from the police for them to adjust their attitude, then so be it.

The rest of the ride was as it should be, it was almost text-book. Through traffic calmed villages, cars hung back until it was safe to pass, and we gave them a wave of thanks for their patience. On the open road, every car that overtook me passed with a safe distance. Courtesy and respect to each other makes a world of difference, but sadly, so too can being a massive dick.


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2 Responses to Village idiot

  1. terry says:

    one word. WANKER


  2. garethtovey says:

    This individual is likely to still be a massive dick to anyone on the road, regardless of their mode of transport. Very easy to be that way when they’re surrounded by a ton and a half of metal and airbags.


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