Grey and hazy, the folds of the land, the trees and the hedgerows fade, step wise into the smoggy gloom. It is Friday and today, so the weather forecasters say, the smog should clear, but this morning it is still bad, and it has a sulphurous dampness not smelt/felt before. Got to ride to work though.

Inhaling who knows what atmospheric junk, I’m riding up one of the gradients when I feel a shortness of breath, but perhaps it’s unrelated, just symptomatic of the news reports, like the slight stinging around my eyes.

We had best get used to these conditions. Yes, they’ll clear but they will come back. The climate is changing and only someone as thick, or vested in interests, as Lord Lawson would deny that. We are likely to be in for longer periods of high pressure, sucking pollution from the continent and storing up our own emissions, directly into the air we breath. It would be good if governments could act to bring cleaner air, but I fear they are too timid to upset the financial clout of Big Energy and Big Business and associated shareholder dividends (after all, it’s no good upsetting your future employers). I fear also they are too timid to confront our own frenzied love affair with cars and consumerism. So, they won’t rock the boat for meaningful change and so, like the mercury, the WHO statistics for air pollution related deaths will keep on rising.

Somewhere in Cambdong Province?

Somewhere in Cambdong Province?

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  1. I ‘like’ this but I don’t ‘like’ it.


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