It’s not all bike, bike, bike…

Except today it has been; non-stop bike, bike, bike. First, a weeks slightly chaotic organisation came to fruition as the Tour de France Grand Départ Trophy arrived in St Neots – the trophy was introduced for last year’s centenary tour and is presented to the region hosting the Tour’s Grand Départ. Throughout the week it has been doing a low key tour of Cambridgeshire, before heading up to Yorkshire, and today it was our turn. Having been to a local school assembly it was whisked across to the leisure centre.

It’s a shame the trophy’s county wide tour didn’t have a higher profile, with more opportunities for raising the profile of the Tour’s visit to Cambridgeshire in July, but it has done the school rounds, and so hopefully it will have enthused a few children into the sport. More self-interestedly, it has generated some local publicity for the club and our embryonic youth side. Of course, I got to hold it too – not for long mind, it is surprisingly heavy.

On Saturday (tomorrow as I write), through the Northants Cycle Racing Association, the club is promoting its first road race for many years, so, once I left the leisure centre I had the rest of the morning for race related chores; collecting signs and flags and never being far from the phone and email. After lunch I was straight on the bike for a ride out to the course, just for a final check over of course. Then it was more emails and phone calls.

Well, the HQ is sorted, the volunteers organised and the weather looks set for a pleasant spring day. I’m a little nervous, but I am excited too. Having raced for several years now, it is a good feeling to finally be promoting one.


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Riding a bike around Cambridgeshire looking for some hills
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5 Responses to It’s not all bike, bike, bike…

  1. Frank Burns says:

    Hope it goes really smoothly for you, Richard.


    • velorichard says:

      Thanks Frank, there were a few teething issues, but everyone got around OK and I’m looking forward to doing another one now. Fairly stressful, but worth it! It was a testing course as well. Headwind going south along the B660 through Keysoe made it quite tough.

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  2. geoffrey says:

    Hi R you are a GEM hope you have a great day,,see ya soon Geoff


  3. geoffrey says:

    Hi R best result for the club.Joe did us proud winning. you and your team did the same ,see ya soon Geoff


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