You know it’s windy when….

You know it’s windy when you turn your back on the headwinds, but, you only have the one gear. This morning’s ride caught the tail end of the storm which passed through during Saturday night. It was still very windy and blustery, but aside from a couple of fleeting showers, dry. Riding out towards Raunds, I took  my single speed on the lumpier route, grinding in to the headwinds at low teen speeds, but enjoying the climbs, if only for the shelter they provided.

Just over 22 miles and I had averaged a paltry 15.8mph, but then I turned back for home and nearly 12 miles of mostly uninterrupted tail winds and a few small hills. I accelerated quickly to 20mph, then hit a gentle downward gradient. My legs spun comfortably through 21mph, 22mph then 23mph. My cadence was starting to get a bit manic now, but the wind was urging me on, howling through the naked hedgerows; faster, faster, faster. 24mph, 25mph, 26mph, my legs were rotating at never less than one and twenty revolutions per minute. Unsustainable for long, but the wind was insistent. Unconsciously my thumb started flicking for a shifter’s paddle and the mercy of an 11 tooth cog, but finding only air. A new tactic then, intervaling. Spin rapidly up to around 31-33mph, coast until the speed drops to the high twenties, then repeat. The next climb was an easy relief.  My average finishing average was a more respectable 17.7mph

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Data Scientist working at Rothamsted Research
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