Energy Views

Riding into an unseasonally warm southerly headwind this morning, I felt a distinct lack of energy, although on the plus side, I neither fog nor rain to contend with, bucking the trend of recent commutes.

I don’t have many mornings left before the views, riding into the Ouse/A1 valley to St Neots, are swallowed by the lengthening nights, but the last few rides, in the first dawn light, are often the best. However, there is little that is natural in this scene, and it is the man made objects which, at this time of year, provide the most striking features on the landscape.

Sitting astride the low ridgeline behind Great Paxton, like machines from the imagination of H.G Wells, the towering wind turbines there are an impressive compliment to the red, eastern sky. Further south, the backlit exhaust, bleeding into the dawn, from Barford Power Station provide a less endearing example of energy generation. As for the artificial red stars of the Sandy Heath transmitter’s linear constellation, invisible in day, I still cannot decide if I appreciate them in the dark. Anyway, by the time I boarded the train, I was ready for my banana.


About richardjostler

Data Scientist working at Rothamsted Research
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