How to wear leg warmers for fall 2013?

How to wear leg warmers for fall 2013? As the colder weather starts to settle in, it’s a good question for the style conscious cyclist and one which has this week appeared in my blog search terms. I wouldn’t want a see a fellow rider fall foul of the velo fashionistas, so here’s my advice…

Make sure you’re leg warmers are tight fitting. You don’t want them sagging round your ankles like a Flashdance extra, and no one likes to see flappy lycra on chicken legs, so if that’s you, either get some steroids and pop down to the gym or buy a smaller size.

For the hipster seeking the ultimate sub-zero retro cool riding style, don’t even bother with leg warmers. Instead, go for 1980s Team Carrera Jeans faux denim print bib longs. Italian styling at its very best you’ll agree, and I guarantee everyone in your club will be talking about the artful pocket stitching printed like a trompe-l’oeil on your arse. Otherwise, for the more conservative cyclist, black is, once again, this season’s black.

Should leg warmers be worn over or under the socks? First, for 3/4 lengths or days cold enough or wet enough to warrant overshoes it really doesn’t matter since no one will see, but for the days in between, it can be a vexing issue. Fortunately, the solution is simpler than you might think. If your socks are a.) cheap nylon, b) not even cycling socks – wear your warmers over your socks and hide your shameful treatment of your tootsies. However, if your socks are branded and cost more than a new wardrobe from Primark, tuck the warmers into your socks and show them off! Cosseting your feet in handwoven merino wool, shorn by artisan Spanish sheep shearers in a Scottish bothy, will reassure your fellow riders that there’s a chap who’s got the gear to dress for the ride. Don’t be surprised if they also comment on your sensible choice of deep section carbon race rims for a winter training ride too!


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One Response to How to wear leg warmers for fall 2013?

  1. Simon Richardson says:

    I’m sure my faux-denim Carrera longs have a real pocket! Unfortunately for everyone I may now have to dig them out to check.


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