Daddy’s Special Chick Chick Salad

I had the day off today to watch the girl’s sports day events. It also meant I was charged with cooking the evening meal. Meal planning has been even less well thought out than usual this week, so tonight required a little invention on my part. We picked up some chicken from the local butcher in the morning, and this afternoon while children, other than my own, were competing, oblivious to the well defined rules of egg and spoon racing, I pondered what to do with it.

The day was shaping up to end with a rare fine June evening, so I decided on a salad. The problem is, when it comes to salad my daughters are fine with batons of carrot and cucumber and bowls of radishes, all generously dipped in salad cream, and they’ll hover up unadulterated cous-cous too, but beyond that they’re quite unadventurous. I didn’t fancy cous-cous, so I looked for inspiration in the pantry and found it in a tin of chickpeas. They like chickpeas. Chicken. Chickpeas. Chicken and chickpeas. I presented them with Daddy’s Special Chick Chick salad.

The initial response was positive: “hmm I love that, I’ve had it before [hmm, no you haven’t, I only invented it today]” and “Yum, Yum”, accompanied by tummy rubbing. There was a bit of stubbornness over the rocket, but not much –
“I don’t like it. It’s horrible.”
“It’s from the garden.”
“Oh, OK I’ll eat it then”.

No salad cream either, so when the ice cream van came calling they got a summer evening treat. It’s amazing what giving some healthy food a good name can do.

Daddy’s Special Chick Chick Salad isn’t revolutionary and I’m sure many of you will have made something similar, but it was still very tasty. To serve four you will need:

2x chicken breasts fried with lemon thyme (from the garden if you can)
Some steamed green beans
Some grilled sweet peppers (I used from a jar)
1 jar chickpeas, warmed through in the frying pan with the cooked chicken
Some lettuce, rocket and coriander (all from the garden if you’re growing them)
A bit of olive oil, vinegar and seasoning to suit your taste
Enough new potatoes to suit your appetite

Once the cooked stuff is cooked, melt some butter over the potatoes and mix everything else together. Serve.

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