Moping, frustrated and bored, bored, bored

Outside it is a cracking early summer’s evening. The sun is descending from a cloudless sky into peachy haze and the budding trees stand unruffled by any breeze. I should be out racing the club TT, but I’m not. Instead I’m moping around the house looking for stuff to do and generally feeling sorry for myself. The reason? I’m coughing up phlegm and my sinuses are a rapidly filling mucous reservoir. So I’m kicking my heels with frustration because I want to, and should be, riding my bike.

I’m being a good boy though, doing the sensible thing, I’m resting. I’m taking it easy because I really need to shift this bug. A week on Sunday I’m riding a Century, although I’m feeling a lack of recent miles banked. More pressingly, this Bank Holiday, I’m meant to be whipping (honestly, I’m not obsessed) my little brother’s arse around Thetford’s mtb trails. Hopefully the engine will be fully recovered, I can already feel my legs are getting twitchy…

About velorichard

Riding a bike around Cambridgeshire looking for some hills
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One Response to Moping, frustrated and bored, bored, bored

  1. I feel your pain, I’ve managed to squeeze an extra 10-15 miles extra out of my daily commute but I’m itching for long, lonely days in the saddle… the horizon, it calls to me.


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