Injuries From Whipping

I know the internet is a broad church, but keeping a blog, you do get some strange search terms cropping up. Overnight I got a hit from the phrase “injuries from whipping”. I’ve never written about dealing with Fifty Shades fallout, so I suspect my blog was flagged from one of last year’s posts relating a painful run in I had with a bramble briar. Based on that experience, if the searcher does intend to play around with brambles, I would strongly advise gardening gloves (black leather) and safety glasses (or perhaps blindfold?). Have fun, be safe.

Anyway, I hope the searcher had in mind/received nothing more serious than some superficial skin loss, rather than an 18th century army style flogging. If so, I would advise getting some hydrocolloid dressings and keeping them in the bedside drawer. Look out for them in Boots, along with any other necessary accoutrements. From tumbles off the bike, I know they work well for road rash, so I imagine they would adequately heal lightly whip-flayed skin too.


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One Response to Injuries From Whipping

  1. Simon Richardson says:

    I learnt my lesson when searching for details of a company who manufacture equipment to replace old clay drain pipes by sending a wheeled robot with a pneumatic bladed jaw down an access chamber to split the old pipe to allow a replacement of a similar diameter to be laid inside it without having to dig up everything above it. Never will I google ‘man hole spitters’ again!


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