The Benefits of Disorganisation 2: An Unexpected Strava KOM

After finishing Sunday with 78 miles in the legs, what I really needed for Monday morning was an easy recovery ride for the commute. Not this Monday. Somehow I again found I was running late. As the farm tracks are currently dry, I decided to take a shorter off-road route. I still had to set a pretty quick pace though to catch the train and besides, the off-road sector can be fun on 25mm tyres. Mostly gravel farm tracks, you spend a fair bit of time riding on grass to avoid potholes, and the sharp bends are a demanding test of your bike handling skills before 7am.

I made it to the train with a minute to spare, met Dan from the cycling club, got a seat, made myself comfortable, logged the route to Strava and forgot about it. I don’t usually expect great things on Strava from my commute rides and commute bike, so when I next checked my phone I was pleasantly surprised to discover I had won a King of the Mountains. Checking it, I discovered someone had created a Strava segment for the off-road sector. Better still I had, quite comfortably, knocked one of my club mates off the number one spot. Mind you there are only 16 riders on the leader board so far, so perhaps I shouldn’t be too smug.

Commuting, Roubaix style

Commuting, Roubaix style

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2 Responses to The Benefits of Disorganisation 2: An Unexpected Strava KOM

  1. Chris Preston says:

    Just wondering what make/size of tyres your on ?


    • velorichard says:

      Conti GP 4 Seasons, 25mm. They’re fine when the tracks are dry, but hopeless when wet – no traction on the mud, and there can be a lot of mud.

      I only tend to use old tyres if I’m going along the NCN – the conti’s are very robust, but they still get cut up on the NC gravel.


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