Sexy Leg Warmers!

Following last weeks review post Leg Warmers – dhb vs Specialized, I was googling the Specialized warmers to see if I could find them any cheaper than the £35 Evans price. Among the first page results to come back was one for price comparison site Twenga. It’s not a site I’ve heard of before, but it caught me eye. Specifically their product categorisation for leg warmers did.


My legs are certainly toned and shapely enough to carry off tights, for cycling that is, but I can’t say I have seriously thought about taking them into the bedroom. I’m not sure I would want or be allowed to either, however, if Twenga is to be believed it seems for some leg warmers are as much for recreational times off the bike as they are on it. The ideal Valentine’s gift for the cycling, spandex stocking and foot fetishist perhaps? What I find myself wondering now is, is there more to the rise of the MAMILs than Garmins and other boys toys?


About velorichard

Riding a bike around Cambridgeshire looking for some hills
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