Mud and Snow

Normally at this time of year my worry is brakes and chains getting clogged up with mud. Stopping every so often to find a twig robust and narrow enough to remove enough muck for free movement again. Heaven forbid a puncture. The cost alone in getting cleaned up with baby wipes doesn’t bear thinking about.

Well it wasn’t the mud I had to worry about this morning. Overnight frost had nicely hardened off the ground, but had done nothing to thaw yesterday’s snow falls. So, by the time I arrived at the station, instead of mud I was carrying a few extra grams of compacted ice. At least it is easier to clean off and perhaps the lower centre of gravity helped to keep me up right on the icy tracks..



About velorichard

Riding a bike around Cambridgeshire looking for some hills
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2 Responses to Mud and Snow

  1. geoffrey smith says:

    hi R are you sure its not shaving foam ,,,ah ah Geoff


  2. See, this is why I run full wrap mudguards.


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