Grass in the middle of the road

I always take grass growing in the middle of a single track road to be a good omen. It is a promise of quiet, traffic free riding, and perhaps, something a bit out of the ordinary compared to the usual road ride. This morning, I thought I had learnt a new fact. Listening to the radio, the DJ had commented on the number of roads, encountered while on recent travels, with grass growing down their middle (BBC 6Music for you I suppose). A short time later, a listener sent a message saying the grass in the middle of the road is called a “Long Acre”. Interesting, I thought, perhaps I’ll blog my new knowledge later.

So here I am. Except, my new knowledge, initially accepted at face value, is not quite true. Before writing I googled “Long Acre” only to find the it refers to the grassy strip on each side of the road, i.e. it is another term for a grass verge.

Back to google and more searches, but no success. So I changed tack and tried variations on single track roads and ruts. Surely there is a name for the bit in between two ruts? Well if there is, it has defeated my brief Sunday afternoon research.

You are probably bored and I am still no wiser what the name for grass growing in the middle of the road is. However, if you do happen to know, please share and satisfy my curiosity!


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3 Responses to Grass in the middle of the road

  1. Robert says:

    I am about to purchase a property which is at the end of a long dead end road. There is a grass center line down the middle of the road which if not careful you bottom the car on it, what I need to know who is responsible to remove this and if it is removed what happens to any damaged that occurs.


  2. Tim says:

    This not very helpful but there is a word for a lane/road with grass running down the middle. I worked in a defence company in the land systems area and came across this in an army field manual or something similar. Unfortunately try as I might and coincidentally have been googling etc over a number of years I have forgotten the word and like you cannot find it on the internet. Sorry can’t be more helpful but there we are. If anyone knows then please let ‘Velo Richard’ and me know to put us out of our misery!!


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