My most embarrassing tumble?

I was on a short pass this morning so I decided to forego the club run for a solo ride. Passing  through the villages I saw a half dozen riders ahead. I caught them up, and as we were heading in the same direction, we got chatting.

A couple of minutes later I was sliding along the road, on my backside. My back wheel had slipped on ice. Only 15 days until the end of the year and I was on the deck for the first time. At least I was at the back of the group and luckily the guy next to me managed to control his stop. Apart from a broken bottle cage, my bike and I were fine.

I say this was unexpected because I hadn’t anticipated icy roads. Setting off it was cold, but not freezing. Places where I would expect to see ice were clear and, while some shady stretches under trees were lightly touched by frost, alarm bells did not ring. Nevertheless, we had manged to find a sheet of ice across the road. I must remember, there is no place for complacency on winter roads.

But why was it an embarrassing fall? Well, we had been talking about the merits, or otherwise, of riding triathlon bikes in a group (a topic of recent debate locally). And the bunch of riders I had caught? No less than, our local triathlon club, several of whom were on remarkably clean triathlon bikes for the filthy roads. I, on the other hand, was on my winter bike, with wider, supposedly grippier winter tyres. Ice is no respecter of the type of bike you ride.

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4 Responses to My most embarrassing tumble?

  1. ianmac55 says:

    Exactly a year ago yesterday, I came a cropper riding home from CTC Northamptonshire & Milton Keynes Christmas Lunch. The day had started with snow! By late afternoon, the roads were frosting over and we started sliding about near the gates of the Althorp estate. At the next village, Harlestone, on a flat level lane, I lost it completely; the bike went one way and I went the other, landing – very painfully – on my hip. Visits to the doctor and injections slowly helped over Xmas and New Year although I walked with a stick. It was late February before I was cycling again.

    So yesterday, Christmas Lunch again, and despite the mild day, I went without pudding, and only drank one pint of beer; cycled home along main roads and got home in the daylight.

    What surprised me were the number of people at lunch – from Kettering in the north to Milton Keynes in the south – who’d experienced ice on the roads yesterday morning with temperatures between 4° and 7°. So, a tall hedge keeping a lane in shade, or a little dip in the road, or whatever, can mean disaster.

    My fall last year has certainly made me, if not nervous, very suspicious of road conditions this winter!


    • velorichard says:

      Only the one pint this year – suggests more consumed last year!? Sounds like it was a nasty fall though.

      The stretch of road I came down on is open which was why I was so surprised to come down there, especially as I had been along other which I know can be iffy and they seemed fine. You just never really know though, and yes for the rest of the ride I too was very suspicious of the roads.


  2. Obviously, I don’t ‘like’ this, having dropped my own bike on the ice a few days ago, but I do ‘like’ it. Know what I mean? 🙂


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