South Cambridgeshire Hills, Long Route

Route Stats:
855m climbing
75 miles / 121km

South Cambridgeshire Hills route map

This route adds a 20 mile northwest extension onto the shorter route and explores the lumpy northeastern tip of the Greensands Ridge before it disappears beneath the Fens.

Follow the shorter route to Croydon and up Croydon Hill, but instead of turning around continue on and ride through the pretty parkland at Hatley St George. By pass Gamlingay and head for the Gransdens. It is a lovely rolling ride through the Gransdens and definitely some of my favourite local villages to cycle through. Just before you leave Great Gransden, take a left turn and follow the lumpy minor road to Waresley.

Enter Waresley by the Duncombe Arms, turn right, and then, where the road bends downhill to the right, continue straight on. This will bring you to the short sharp 20m climb up Lily Hill. Take the next left and you are now riding part of St Neots CC TT circuit. After a bit of flat you plunge down the Gamlingay Cinques. Try and keep your momentum going as the 16m climb on the other side will have you battling out of the saddle to reach the top; this is definitely a sporting time trial club course. At the crossroads turn right and follow the backroads to Potton.

Crossing into Bedfordshire, the next climb up to Cockayne Hatley is pleasant and gentle affair. after the climb, the road swings to the right and heads downhill, off the Greensands Ridge and into Wrestlingworth.

Rejoin the shorter route at Bassingbourn via the Mordens and Litlington.


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2 Responses to South Cambridgeshire Hills, Long Route

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  2. Frank Burns says:

    That looks like a great route. Must try it sometime……


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