An Autumn Evening Spin Around Grafham Water

Having spent the last part of my working day scoffing too many delicious macaroons, I managed to leave work a little earlier. Looking at my phone clock I reckoned I should just have a enough day light to fit in a commute detour around Grafham Water. As the nights draw in I expect to be my final such ride for this year.

I’ve written before about the quiet pleasures of riding around Grafham late on a summer evening, well, autumn evenings are just as rewarding, especially when the weather is fine and dry.

Speeding over quiet Grafham tracks on my single speed, mtb’ised commuter hack is a fine buzz on which to end the working day


Riding along the dam, I sat up with both hands off the bars to better enjoy the colourful autumn views. Apart from one other cyclist and a couple of fishermen, human traffic was quiet. But overhead the airways were jammed with gulls. They flying over Tufted ducks and Grebes, happily bobbing on the water, and then on to their floating roost further out on the reservoir.

Believe it or not there are thousands of gulls out there getting ready to roost


Heading into the nature reserve on the far shores, night had already arrived beneath the autumn canopy and the damp earthy scent of fallen leaves filled the air. I saw several ink caps along the track side, but the light had failed too far for my phone’s camera to shoot them.

Some autumn trees around Grafham Water

Along the final stretches of the Grafham tracks I was chasing pipistrelle bats. They furiously beat their wings flying ahead of me before executing a ninety degree jerk manoeuvre and disappearing over a hedgerow. Then I was back on the road, I turned my lights on and rode into the twilight for home.

After the clocks go back I will have a brief reprieve of morning light, so I’m hoping to fit in a couple of early rides around Grafham Water before the real winter commutes begin.


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