Hill Climbing in Cambridgeshire

Earlier this year I wrote a slightly tongue in cheek post on Cambridgeshire’s top 10 hill routes (it was February, I was bored). However, somewhat to my surprise this has been the most popular post on my blog. Scanning through my blogs search term stats keywords and phrases like “gradient” and “hill climb cambridgeshire” frequently pop up, while Chapel Hill, separating Barrington and Haslingfield, is the most commonly searched for hill.

It seems amongst the Cambridgeshire cycling fraternity there is a strong desire to ride for the local hills, no matter how puny they are.

So, I’ve given the topic of Cambridgeshire Hills some extensive thought and decided to dedicate a section of my blog to documenting the choicest hills and hill routes Cambridgeshire has to offer. With most of the north and east of the county untroubled by contour lines I’m not expecting this to be an onerous task.

In the meantime I have put together 5 routes for exploring Cambridgeshire’s lumpier parts. I’m planning to ride and document them over the next few weeks, and, I hope some of you enjoy riding them, and maybe discover some new lanes.

The South East Cambridgeshire Hills 

Peterborough Pocket Hills, North West Cambridgeshire

Wimpole Wanderings, South Cambridgeshire

Fen and Fell?, West Cambridgeshire

A14 Corridor
This is a route already documented. It is one for the dedicated Cambridgeshire Hill Climber / box ticker. 

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