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I imagine it is fairly standard for blog sites, but one of the features I like about WordPress is the record it keeps of search terms from people visiting my blog from search engines. I’ve learned a few interesting things from the search terms entered. For example, a surprising number of people search for hills in Cambridgeshire, especially gradients for places like Chapel Hill near Barrington. My Top 10 Cambridgeshire Hill Routes post is the most popular on my blog and I have a few more ideas on this theme, so expect more soon!

However, the past two weeks have thrown up a couple of gems. I don’t know where these searches originated, to me they are anonymous, there is no IP address or location attached.

The second of the two searches was:

how can i stopped getting dropped at the mk bowl racing

I have raced the MK Bowl several times this year, but mostly my racing season has been pretty disastrous. A chest infection requiring antibiotics in May followed by a damaged rear mech drop out in June, that took a ridiculous 6 weeks to replace, left me both race unfit and demotivated to start racing again. Hopefully next season will be better. And for the reader asking how not to get dropped, look at your training and nutrition, are there changes there you might make? Otherwise it is just good old fashioned bike racing, ride harder and remember rule 5, Harden the F*ck Up (something I should have remembered in August)!

The first search term is an altogether more different kettle of fish:

pee girl festival fete piss

I have written one post on festivals, but not about girls peeing at them. Who knows what the searcher was looking for, although I do remember a story on 6 Music about a female festival goer squatting for relief in an open field at Leeds. The story continues with someone sliding between the pee’er’s legs. I hope hindsight caught up with the slider soon after. Anyway, perhaps that is what the searcher was looking for.

At the time of writing my festival post I did think of including the story, but surely the thoughts about what to write is a step too far, even for Google. Isn’t it?

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5 Responses to Search terms

  1. I’ve often wondered about some of the search terms that led people to my site as well. I would really just like to meet some of these people just to try and understand their “thought” process.


    • velorichard says:

      I know what you mean. A couple of times I’ve tried repeating the search to see where my blog appears in the rankings. Quite often I don’t find it in the first 5 pages an give up looking. Either the logged search term isn’t telling the full story or there are some very thorough searchers out there!


  2. Frank Burns says:

    …….the curious thing is that, if you use those same terms in a search engine yourself, do you find your own blog? I have tried it several times, seldom succeeding.


    • velorichard says:

      Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t there doesn’t seem to be any pattern. I don’t know if search engine algorithms treat blog sites any differently to other websites, it would be interesting to know.


      • Frank Burns says:

        I’ve noticed that I have one post that receives several hits every day, for no apparent reason….and about one day each month, that same post can have over 200 hits that happen in the space of a few minutes. The Support Line tells me it is probably a search engine glitch…..but it remains a mystery.


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