Bramble Whipped

If the title lured you in with a promise of kinky woodland adventures à la 50 Shades then I am sorry to disappoint (although if it was, it would probably give my visitor stats a healthy boost – if only for the comedy value). I wasn’t really whipped, although I was flayed by a bramble. No, this is just a cautionary tale to keep an eye on where you are going and not just on the view.

I was keeping close to the hedgerows this evening, trying to find some shelter from the head wind I was riding against. Over to my left was an intemperate looking Grafham Water, and as the route was traffic free I was taking in the view around me more than the path ahead of me. So I missed a bramble hanging out from the jumbled vegetation. The first I knew of it was a sharp scraping across my cheek and chin. Probing with my tongue I tasted blood and felt the wrong end of a thorn sticking out of my lower lip.

Back home I cleaned my face and inspected the damage. As always it looked worse than it really was, although the thorn has left an annoying reminder for the next few days, a 3/4 inch cut across my lip. From riding my bike I have a had a few bumps and cuts, even a reshaped clavicle, but this was a first. Still, perhaps my temporary new look will get me a seat to myself on the train tomorrow?

Bramble whipped

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2 Responses to Bramble Whipped

  1. Frank Burns says:

    My sincere sympathies……..;0( The danger is always there on our country roads. Fortunately I have only taken scratches to my legs so far this year, but they’d never get me a seat on a train!


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