A summer evenings spin around Grafham Water

I missed the evenings club time trial. This was annoying, I had energy to burn and with no cloud or breeze the evening was shaping up to be a rare and perfect end to a summer’s day. So there was only one thing to do, I dug out the Langster, released some pressure from the tyres and went for a spin around Grafham Water and along the Three Shires Way.

The Langster ready for some off road trail action

Grafham Water was peaceful and still. No matter how good the weather is, after about 5pm the circuit around it is always quiet. If you’re unlucky you’ll see the occasional dog walker, jogger or mtb’er, but mostly the tracks are yours alone. As long as you avoid the dam there are not even that many flies to worry about, so definitely a good time to ride there.

Grafham Water

I headed away from Grafham along the Hartham Street by-way. With all the recent rain the  lane was as muddy as ever. The downhill was pretty exciting, although I only had to unclip once to steady myself.

Hartham Street, always muddy and it has a great downhill

Back on the road the front brakes needed a bit of unclogging before heading on to the Three Shires Way and some of the minor roads and bridleways routing you back to Grafham Water.

Although the grass has grown long on some bridleways ways my 25mm tyres easily cut through and the Langsters higher bottom bracket always gives sufficient clearance to avoid getting tangled with vegetation. The tracks are often firmly packed too so you can build a decent turn of speed. If you’ve never tried it rushing across grassy tracks at 20mph and more on a road bike is a buzz.

Muddy brakes. I really need to get a cross bike!

Returning to the reservoir the bats were out and the sun was setting. I had had a necessary blast on the bike and now it was time to ride home.


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