I wrote this post last year to note down a club membership trend I’ve observed over several years. On the first Sunday of this years tour my club, St Neots CC, had 3 new riders join our club run – hopefully we can convert them to new members! Whether or not their decision to ride with us was influenced by the start of le Tour I don’t yet know. What I do know is expectations for and interest in this years tour are as high as they have ever been and with a very good chance of a British podium finisher too. So as the story of the next 3 weeks unfolds it will be interesting to see if we once again get our annual membership spike…

Velo Richard

I’ve been involved with club cycling for several years and every season I’ve observed one unerring trend; a July membership spike. In the first week of July, while the peloton barrels across France and Cav takes his first stage wins, one or two inquiries will drop into the club inbox. In the second week as the riders grind across the Pyrenees the emails steadily pick up. When the onslaught of the Alps begins I’m fulltime emailing while the ITV4 Tour highlights play in the background. I’ve taken to calling this annual phenomenon the Tour de France effect.

The sales teams at Halfords and Wiggle have noticed the effect too. Halfords reports increased in sales in July and have released new Tour branded lines to coincide with the event. Along with Wiggle, they advertise heavily during ITV4’s coverage. Hopefully LBS’s are also sharing in the increased sales.

Neither has ITV4 been…

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