Wind damage! Bent rear mech hanger

It is a sound to make any cyclist cringe. A bike crashing helplessly to the ground. Someone elses bike and you tut at their carelessness. When it’s your own pride and joy you hurry to the dreadful scene, shamed by your neglect. 

And so it happened yesterday, I met up at St Neots Market Square with the rest of the club for the Sunday morning ride. I propped my bike against a bench to go and chat with another rider when a gust of wind sent her tumbling to the ground.

I rushed back to pick her up. A quick check over and all seemed to be in order. Or so I thought.

About 7 miles into the ride somone observed my rear mech was out of alignment. It was bent to the left at about the five thirty five clock position. I had not noticed any issues changing gears so carried on. After about 20 miles the chain was starting to skip on the 19+ teeth sprockets. Bit of a nuisance as we were riding into a 15mph headwind, but luckily I have years of Fenland miles in my legs so I’m used to a bit of wind.

Arriving home I had a proper look to see what damage had been done and it was immediately obvious the rear mech hanger had bent. I breathed a sigh of relief; I was not going to need to replace the deraileur or conduct expensive repairs.

Fortunately the rear mech hanger is cheap and easy to replace; remove the rear wheel, disconnect the deraileur then unscrew it with a hex key.  Unfortunately they do not seem to be the easiest of components to source.

They seem to be the least standard piece of cycling equipment there is. For such a cheap and simple component you might naively think this would be something frame manufacturers could standardise on. Apparently not. Looking online there are a bewildering variety of them but none, that I could see, quite like mine.

I popped into Condor on the way home this evening and they advised I contact a stockist (my pride and joy is a Bianchi) with as much information about the frame as possible. In the mean time I will have to try a bit of home fettling amd see if I can straighten the hanger.


My rear mech hanger. Cleaned and ready for some DIY

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7 Responses to Wind damage! Bent rear mech hanger

  1. I understand your pain… My Surly Troll took a fall before I’d even finished building it: which really wasn’t good.

    I’ve recently bent my gear hanger on my Merida too so I know how hard it can be to track down a replacement. Your best bet is indeed to head to a Bianchi stockist as they’ll be able to get a replacement direct from the manufacturers; you may be able to save a few quid by checking out and also stock a large number of hangers. If you’ve got the time and patience to search through them all, you might find one branded for another manufacturer cheaper than what Bianchi are likely to charge you. My Merida hanger was £17.

    A word to the wise – don’t try to bend your current one back! It might work but, because it’s made of alloy, it’ll stress the metal in all sorts of places it doesn’t want to stressed in and will likely snap of under load somewhere, throwing your rear derailleur into the spokes… not fun.

    Hope you get it sorted out soon!


    • velorichard says:

      7 weeks later I finally got a replacement. I got a part number from Bianchi, Somehow the distributer I used ended up sending the wrong part twice. This resulted in plenty of confusion about the frame model and year! In the end I went back to Bianchi and they sentthe correct one out the next day! You live and learn.


  2. velorichard says:

    Fortunately I have more than one, although I think the June and July riding confused my winter bike;)


  3. Lewis says:

    Hi Richard. Thanks so much for posting this. i’ve done the same to my bianchi and can’t find any guidance as to what hanger to use. Any tips? Mine is a 2013 via nirone. thanks


    • velorichard says:

      hi Lewis,
      Your best bet is to get in touch with Bianchi UK
      If you know the bike model and year they’ll be able to give you the right part code fot the drop out (there are a bewildering away). If you’re lucky they might just send you one, otherwise they’ll give you a contact for a dealership who should be able to get the part.

      Good luck and I hope you’re back on the road soon!


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