A London commute in the sun (by Boris Bike)

Even in the rain riding on quiet country roads and muddy farm tracks is still a joy, but not so city streets. When the sky is dark and the rain streams over your jacket onto your commuter’s over trousers, the roads feel small and confining. Pedestrians scurry passed forlorn lengths of traffic; heads bent low and collars pulled tight while morose drivers stare through their windscreens. It isn’t such a pleasant ride.

Lately I have had a lot of wet commutes.

But this week the sun has been out and the streets are dry! London’s streets are transformed and my Boris Bike ride from Kings Cross to work is (almost) a pleasure.

Regent Square near Kings Cross

Regent Square near Kings Cross

Cobbled Street

A cobbled street running parallel to Gray’s Inn Road. Traffic free and more fun to ride


Children and Condor, the two reasons why I have no money. Being on my route it is far too convenient, especially as there is a Boris bike docking station just round the corner

Hatton Garden

Hatton Garden, the first time I came here was with @moonbolt to buy my wife’s engagement ring. Back then you would have been laughed at for suggesting a public cycle hire scheme for London

Like-minded commuters 

Smithfield Market, Grand Arcade. Only 8.10am, but the butchers are finishing up for the day. In the days when I had a folding bike I raced around the Market for the Smithfield Nocturne. I Just made it into the top 10…

Almost at work, sandwiched between Smithfield and the Barbican is Charterhouse Square. Cobblestones and one of London’s hidden green oases.

Clerkenwell docking station and the end of my ride. Unusually empty, but in half an hour it will be full as fellow commuters arrive for work.



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