Cycling Folk Song – All the Gear Lament

As I rode out one May morning I saw two riders standing by
and one of them his Rapha cap was wringing.

Oh dear oh, oh dear oh.
My bike has got no courage in it, oh dear oh.

My bike it has electronic shifters, two thousand pounds they cost me.
It’s rims are deep, the bearings ceramic, so upon the road I should fly.

Oh dear oh…

The carbon frame is light and stiff, custom built and fitted to me.
The shoes are molded to my feet, the hills should roll beneath them.

Oh dear oh…

My baselayer is merrino wool, my wardrobe technical and costly.
Nutrition costs twenty pounds per ride, but still upon the bars I’ll slump.

Oh dear oh…

This gear I buy, these foods I eat, but every Sunday I ride that hill,
riders on cheap alloy frames still go by me.

Oh dear oh…

I think this bike I’ll put away and to the shops I will drive.
A lighter bike I will there buy to put a bit more courage in me.


About velorichard

Riding a bike around Cambridgeshire looking for some hills
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