How do you spot a happy cyclist?

From the number of flies in their teeth!

And riding home this evening, alongside a placid Grafham Water, I got a mouthful of the big, black  reservoir specials. But, although my appetite for tea was almost ruined by on the go protein snacks, I did not mind. Most folk look for daffodils and lambs. For us, the unexpected choking stab at the back of your throat, then the hacking before coughing up a small, spiky, crunchy lump onto your tongue that you send on its final flight to the verge, is our sign that spring is here.

This evening there was enough warmth in the setting sun to ride bare-legged. Soon I’ll put away the layers for a few months. Happy, sunny days and the occasional Dipteran snack, it’s about time!

About richardjostler

Data Scientist working at Rothamsted Research
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1 Response to How do you spot a happy cyclist?

  1. doug.s says:

    Ahh bugs. Another reason to ride!


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