NCRA Series Race 6, 05/07/2011, DNS

I had a well thought out plan for the final race of the NCRA summer series: I would work hard during the first two laps, then conserve my strength on the last lap and race for a top at least 5 placing in the inevitable bunch sprint. I would finish on a high note.

My plans didn’t account for the race being held on the Middleton Circuit. In previous years I’ve been dropped here. This year, the first of the summer series races was raced here and I struggled round with a bug gifted by my younger daughter. I was dropped then dragged back in by a chasing group to finish wrecked somewhere in the bunch. So I shouldn’t have been in the least surprised to wake up on Tuesday morning with a churning belly and splitting headache. It was with deep frustration this jinxed circuit gave me my first DNS of the season and I decided not to race.

I don’t think I can blame this one on my daughters either. More likely it was a case of generic festival flu; I had passed up Sunday’s club run to see Pulp at Hyde Park. Amongst the 45,000 people there, I’m sure one of them unknowingly bears the guilt for my DNS.

Tim did race, however his only comment on how it went was “badly”. I haven’t pressed for more!

Tuesday was a disappointing conclusion for St Neots CC in an otherwise successful series. Between us Tim and I had taken four top 10 finishes, including a 3rd place for Tim.  It looks like our next target will be Rockingham Wheelers circuit races starting next week and we may well be joined by one or two other St Neots riders. I’ll keep you posted…

Finally thanks to series organiser Dave Birch and all the marshals who have volunteered their time, especially our very own Alistair and Ade!

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